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This is the space where I write about my work experiences, design process, and other stuffs that keeps me busy.

BizTalk360 redesign - Case Study

BizTalk360 v10 is the major release for the Microsoft BizTalk Server management tool. This release highlights the redesign and tech stack migration of the entire platform. This case study explains the design process and practices followed while redesigning the application.

In-app knowledge base - Case Study

I was tasked to improve the usability of the current knowledge base feature in the BizTalk360 application to allow users to create and access the knowledge articles seamlessly across the application. This feature improvement is done as a part of a UI overhaul and UX clean-up of the entire platform.

Serverless360 onboarding – Case Study

Serverless360 is a SaaS application that helps users to manage and monitor their Azure Serverless infrastructures. The application faced high bounce rates during the onboarding phase and I was tasked to improve the user onboarding experience and to reduce the bounce rate.

The Healthy Bowl – Case Study

Healthy bowl is a mobile app that suggests food recipes based on the users’ calorie needs and ingredients available at home. This app concept is a side project done to explore and address the challenges faced by health-conscious people in getting their food supplements with the right amount of calories.

Design process

Based on human-centred and design thinking approach.


Understanding the problem, user needs and the business goals


Collecting data & insights to solve the problem


Converting the insights into ideas to find the best solution


Sketches, Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes


Usability testing, Heatmap analysis, A/B testing


Currently, experimenting with illustrations and doodles.


Figma Community Advocate

Friends of Figma, Coimbatore

Miro User Group Leader

MUG, Tamil Nadu


Currently, experimenting with illustrations and doodles.

Quantitative User Research Methods

A quantitative research method is used to collect data about user behaviour, activities, experiences over a time when the user tries to accomplishes a task or goal.

Qualitative User Research Methods

Qualitative research methods are often used to discover problems or opportunities in User Experience or to find some ways to fix the problems.

F-Shaped Reading Pattern on Web

The F-shaped reading or scanning pattern is an approach people take for reading on the web. This F-shaped pattern was found out by Eye Tracking Research conducted by researchers at NN Group.